Mockemail is an email server and website integrated together. It was written for use in testing applications at eSpendwise (who sponsers the development) which generate a lot of email to many different email addresses. It became progressivly harder to setup the multiple email addresses and keep track of user names and passwords to all of them. This server simply accepts all emails sent to it and will then display them on a webpage.

To download and for other useful information visit us at sourceforge.

Screen Shot
The software is currently in a useful form but could use some help, we would like to add:

Special thanks to SubEtha Mail and Grails (among others) for making this project work.

Quick start:
Install java (1.5 is all it has been tested with, but should work with 1.6)
Install grails
If you need to upgrade your version of grails simply type:
	grails upgrade
Then follow the instructions.

Next you need the searchable plugin to get the searching to work. Although the application should work without this plugin and just searching will not work this has not been tested.
	grails install-plugin searchable
Finally download the latest release extract it to mockemail and type:
	cd mockemail
	grails run-app
It should be running now. Browse to:

Notes If you want to change the port it is running on edit the net.sourceforge.mockemail.smtp.MockEMail and if necessary the EMailSender.groovy script. By default it runs on the standard port of 25 (25 is the well know port for smtp so you may have a server running there already).

This program is licensed under the GNU Lesser General Public License